New Community Wellbeing Hub and Gym

Exciting News: BCS is building a new Fitness Hub and we need your help!!
New Fitness Hub

Ballinrobe Community School, an integral part of our community since 1989, is excited to announce a transformative project – the development of a Fitness Gym. Beyond our role in education, we actively engage in community events, including musicals, music lessons, meetings, Tidy Towns, charity shops, youth groups. We are deeply intertwined with local sporting and wellbeing activities. Our playing fields, walkway and school building are used on a daily basis by the local community. We have an open door approach to the use of our facilities and we have strong links with a number of local sports clubs who use our playing pitches.

Now, we're taking the next step by constructing a 250 sqm Fitness Gym adjacent to our changing rooms.

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We hope to offer the space to local clubs and groups to maximise it's potential outside of school time! This is a huge undertaking and we are looking for help with funding it. We have set up an iDonate page here.

We are also interested in hearing from local businesses, alumni, past-pupils who may want to contribute in a bigger way and we'd love to discuss that with you. Please contact the school directly by phone or by email.

Aim: The primary aim of the Ballinrobe Community School Community Wellbeing Hub is to foster community wellbeing by providing a versatile space that supports physical fitness, social interaction, and community engagement for all local residents.


  1. Promote Physical Health and Fitness:
    • Establish a fully equipped fitness gym accessible to students, local clubs, and community members, thereby encouraging regular physical activity and healthier lifestyles.
  2. Enhance Community Engagement:
    • Create a multi-use space within the hub that can host various community activities, meetings, and events, fostering a sense of community and belonging among residents.
  3. Maximise Facility use:
    • Ensure that the Wellbeing Hub is available to the community outside school hours, specifically on the 198 days when the school is not in session and every evening and weekend, optimising the use of the space.
  4. Support Local Organisations:
    • Provide a venue for local clubs and groups to hold events, meetings, and activities, thereby supporting their initiatives and encouraging more community-led projects and collaborations.
  5. Promote Accessibility and Inclusivity:
    • Make the hub easily accessible to all community members, including those with disabilities, by leveraging the new greenway and ample parking facilities.
  6. Strengthen Community Health Initiatives:
    • Collaborate with local health and wellness organizations to offer programs and activities that address community health needs, promoting overall wellbeing.
  7. Sustain Community Traditions and Activities:
    • Continue the school’s tradition of active participation in community events, such as musicals, music lessons, and charity activities, ensuring that the Wellbeing Hub becomes a central venue for these traditions.
  8. Ensure Financial Viability and Sustainability:
    • Raise additional funds to meet the €200,000 project cost through ongoing fundraising efforts, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Wellbeing Hub.

By achieving these objectives, the Ballinrobe Community School Community Wellbeing Hub aims to significantly enhance the physical, social, and mental wellbeing of the entire community, making it a central hub for community activities and engagement

New Fitness HubNew Fitness Hub
Mar 07
Build a New School Fitness Hub
Ballinrobe Community School,
Convent Rd,
Friarsquarter West,
Co. Mayo.

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